What Does The Wood Pigeon Call Mean?

Wood pigeons are one of the most common birds found in cities and towns. They’re also incredibly noisy, which can be a nuisance for people living in densely populated areas.

Wood pigeons make different noises to tell other birds where they are, what they’re doing and if they want to mate with them. These calls are usually made by male wood pigeons during the breeding season, but females may also make noises to attract males or while feeding their nestlings.

What Does The Wood Pigeon Call Mean?

What Does The Wood Pigeon Call Mean?

Wood pigeons are one of the most common birds we see in our backyards. They may seem like they’re just hanging out, but there’s a lot more going on than you realize!

Wood pigeons are very social animals. They have extensive social networks and spend much of their time talking to each other. The male wood pigeon is known as a “creeper”, which means he spends most of his time hanging out with his guy friends and trying not to get kicked off the roof of your house by people who don’t like him being there (which is pretty rude).

The female wood pigeon is called a “hen”. She typically only has one or two other hens she hangs around with at any given time. These hens make sure no creeper starts getting too close or flirting; if this happens, they’ll peck at him until he goes away! It can get pretty ugly sometimes…

Why Do Wood Pigeons Call?

The wood pigeon call is one of the most distinctive sounds of the British countryside. Its distinctive cooing can be heard throughout wooded areas, parks and gardens across the UK.

The wood pigeon’s call is made up of a number of different sounds, which vary depending on its mood and situation. The call can be used for a number of different purposes, including mating calls from males to attract females, warning calls from birds to warn other pigeons in their flock about danger or that they have found food sources, or simply as an expression for fun.

What Does The Wood Pigeon Call Mean?

What Does The Wood Pigeon Say?

A wood pigeon’s call is a distinctive sound that can be heard for miles. It is used as a territorial warning to other pigeons, as well as an attempt to attract mates. The wood pigeon call sounds like a loud and distinctive quacking noise that can be described as “a low cooing” (or “coo-cree-cree”).

What Do Different Pigeon Noises Mean?

  • Cooing: a friendly, cooing sound. This is the most common noise you’ll hear from a pigeon.
  • Chattering: a friendly chattering sound that can be heard when two or more pigeons are flying together.
  • Squawking: loud and harsh squawks from an aggressive or frightened pigeon.
  • Barking: similar to a dog’s bark, but with higher pitches and shorter intervals between each bark; this is often used as a warning for other birds or predators that there’s danger nearby

What Does a Pigeon Cooing Mean?

Pigeons cooing are a sign of contentment, and are generally happy and relaxed. They are in a safe environment, not threatened or frightened. They may be hungry or thirsty, but this is not always the case, as they can go up to two weeks without food and water. If they were uncomfortable with their surroundings, they would make loud distress calls instead of coos.

It should also be noted that pigeons do not make these sounds when trying to attract mates or greet each other as with other bird species such as swans and geese

Why Do Pigeons Make Noise in The Morning?

You may have heard a pigeon making noise in the morning and wondered what it meant. Your answers to your questions about pigeons will be answered here.

Pigeons are social animals that like to stay together and roost, feed and sleep in large numbers. The display of courtship is an important part of their lives too; this is when they decide who gets with whom, so it’s no wonder that these displays can get quite noisy!

In fact, as well as being able to identify each other by their call, pigeons also use these calls for many other reasons: to communicate danger; if there is food around; if they want more space on the ledge etc.

What Does The Wood Pigeon Call Mean?

How to Stop Pigeons Making Noise

Once you’ve identified the reason for the pigeon noise, there are a few ways to stop it.

  • Use a deterrent. If you’re finding that your pigeons are making noise because they’re trying to nest, then you should consider using a pigeon deterrent.
  • Put up bird netting or spikes. Our Pigeon Proofing section explains how to do this in more detail, but essentially all you need is some wire mesh and wooden or metal spikes to deter pigeons from roosting in your area.
  • Put up a bird feeder! Birds will always flock around this kind of food source—and if they do so away from where you live, it will mean less noise too! It’s also worth noting that if there’s one thing that tends to attract pigeons more than anything else… yes: litter!


So there you have it. The wood pigeon call is a pretty simple one to understand, but the best way to get to know it is by listening to it. If you’re in an area where pigeons are common, keep an ear out for them.