What Does Your Call Has Been Forwarded Mean? [Truth Revealed]

The words “your call has been forwarded” or something similar can hit you hard when you hear them coming from a phone you were attempting to dial into. Not only do they mean that someone has forwarded your incoming call to another number.

But they also suggest that the person who owns the device is actively trying to avoid talking with you. This message can certainly feel like a rejection for those who have romantic feelings about whomever it is that’s calling—however, it could also mean several other things. Let’s take a look at what those things could be.

What Does Your Call Has Been Forwarded Mean

The Person You’re Calling Has Forwarded Your Phone Number To Another Number

This message means that someone has forwarded your incoming call to another number. This forwarding can be done either on a one-time basis or as a permanent setting. Under the latter, when someone calls the number you called, they will hear this message if you pick up the phone. If they leave you a voicemail, it will likely also contain this text message so that you know who tried calling and why they were unable to reach you (and for how long).

They May Have Forwarded All Calls

Forwarding a call is a common way to avoid someone. It can be done on a one time basis or as a permanent setting, and it works by sending the caller’s call to another phone number of their choosing. If you have been forwarded, then when you attempt to call the person who has forwarded you, they will receive your ring tone but not be able to answer it. This can be done on a one time basis, or a permanent basis;

  • One time forwarding: This means that you will change the destination of your incoming calls only during a specific period of time. For example, if you are unavailable for work for a few days and would like to be reached by your colleagues at another number, then you can forward your calls from your current phone number to another one.
  • Permanent forwarding: In this case, you change the destination of all incoming calls forever (until you decide otherwise). If this is not what you want, then do not opt for permanent forwarding.

What Does Your Call Has Been Forwarded Mean

How To Know If They’ve Blocked You?

If the person hasn’t blocked you completely, then you will receive a ring tone when attempting to call them, at least this way. If they have blocked your number from being able to call, then it will be like calling an unknown number or a disconnected line (the phone rings and then goes to voicemail).

You won’t receive any kind of ringing sound or voicemail message and if they call you back. There won’t be any indication that they tried reaching out.

However, if their phone or phone service is set up to not forward calls from numbers that they have blocked. Then you will hear nothing when calling. This happens because your caller ID has been blocked.

You also may hear a busy signal when you call a number that has call waiting enabled on it. This means that someone else is currently using the line and cannot receive any incoming calls while they are connected with you.

Don’t Panic If You Get The “Your Call Has Been Forwarded” Message

It is important not to panic when getting this kind of message. Since, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the person is avoiding talking to you on purpose. They might just be busy or have their phone on silent. You should wait a few hours and see if they contact you first before worrying about it.

If your friend/family member does not respond after several hours. Then there’s a chance that they are avoiding your call because they don’t want to talk to you right now (although this is unlikely). In these cases, it’s best to give them some space for a while until they feel comfortable opening up again.

Maybe They Have Phone Issues Or Personal Issues Going On

Before you start to panic, it’s important to understand that there are lots of reasons why someone might not be able to pick up their phone. They might not have room in their phone plan for extra minutes. Or they may just need some quiet time right now because they are dealing with some other crisis such as a death in the family, an illness or a divorce.

It’s also possible that your friend is trying to avoid talking to you about something sensitive and personal. For example, if they know you’re going through a rough patch in relation to a relationship or financial situation. And don’t want to hear about it over the phone, then they may be refusing your calls on purpose.

What Does Your Call Has Been Forwarded Mean

Try Sending Them A Text Message

Sometimes, you may be in a situation where it’s not convenient or appropriate to make a call. Texting is a great alternative. It’s faster than calling, easier to do when you’re busy doing something else (like driving). Cheaper than calling, more private than calling, and more discreet than calling.

You should also know that texting doesn’t always go through when calls aren’t going through either. If they’ve blocked your number, then they won’t be able to receive your text messages either. So it’s a good way to find out what’s actually happening here.

There Are Multiple Reasons You May Get The: Your Call Has Been Forwarded Message

If someone tells you “your call has been forwarded,” then it could mean several things. The first and most obvious is that the person might be avoiding you. This is not necessarily a bad thing; sometimes it’s nice to have some space from each other.

It may also mean that they are busy with something at the moment. Or in the middle of something important and not able to talk on the phone at all (such as driving). It can also mean that your friend/boyfriend/girlfriend is currently talking on another phone with someone else.

If you ever get a call that says, “your call has been forwarded,” don’t panic. It just means that the person you are trying to reach is not available right now. You can try again later or contact someone else at the same number who may be able to help out with whatever issue you have. If all else fails, leave a voicemail message explaining why they should return your call as soon as possible.